High Quality Fish Meal Coil Pipe Drier

The Drier is composed of a rotating shaft with steam heating and a horizontal shell with steam condensate water. In order to improve the drying speed, the shell adopts a sandwich structure, and the condensate water generated by the steam heating of the rotating...

High Quality Fish Meal Coil Pipe Drier



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Zhejiang Fanxiang Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Is a high-tech enterprise specialized in designing and manufacturing complete set of equipment for producing wet fish meal and fish oil, locate in the first National Marine Economic Zone, Zhoushan City, which near to developed cities like Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo, covers an area more than 30000m2 and with registered capital of 30.66 million CNY.

The main members of our company are those who have done fishmeal machine R&D and manufacturing more than 20 years. The product quality and technical standards have reached the advanced level of similar products in China and abroad after 20 years of technology and experience accumulation…



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    LT series centrifugal dehydrator is developed according to the unified design standard of the former Ministry of Textile Industry, combined with the actual use of different materials; this series of centrifugal dehydrator has reasonable design, simple structure, high efficiency, small wear, low n...

  • Advantages of steam wet fish meal dryer

    The fishmeal dryer is a kind of equipment that obtains fishmeal by drying the cooked solid in the fishmeal production through the heat source, generally steam. The fishmeal dryer is generally composed of a rotating main shaft and a stationary shell. The fishmeal dryer is the core fishmeal equipme...

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    Fishmeal is a very important animal protein feed. my country’s fishmeal industry started late, but in recent years, with the increase in the output of high-yield and low-value fish and the development of animal husbandry, the demand for feed has surged, and the fishmeal processing industry ...

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    A high-quality protein supplement feed that is suitable for use is menhaden fish meal. As a vital source of protein for cattle and poultry, ensuring its quality is crucial for the continued growth of animal husbandry. Fish meal is therefore frequently used in poultry feed, such as fish meal for h...